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About Us

Educational Sales Company (ESCO) is a wholesaler and distributor of schoolbooks. We offer thousands of discount educational paperbacks, hardcovers, picture books and dictionaries for schools and libraries.

ESCO was founded in 1993 in Tempe, AZ. Over the years, ESCO has served thousands of schools and parishes across the United States, supplying everything from textbooks and paperbacks to religious educational products and reference books.

ESCO is committed to maintaining the quality and service that you deserve when making your product decisions. You can count on us for personal service, timely delivery, and quality products with guaranteed satisfaction.

We want to be your first source for all your institution's needs.

ESCO operates in a number of market segments within the educational sector:
  • We serve as the complete fulfillment source for private school bookstores.
  • We create online bookstores to serve individual students in private schools.
  • We provide religious education books to Catholic schools and parishes.
  • We provide literature and reference books to public and private schools.
  • We offer a rebinding service to convert paperbacks to hardcover books.
  • We purchase overstock and used books from private schools and parishes for resale.
  • We will rebind with new color covers any textbooks of poor quality, adding an additional 3-4 years of use.